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Frequently Asked Question about Vitiligo Treatments.
Last Updated: 08/06/2014

1. What should I expect to see?

At first you should see the white patches begin to turn pink and the border of white patches will be blurry. The pink areas will get darker and gradually return to your skin tone.

2. When should I expect to see results?

The results depend on the individual. Most patients see improvement approximately 1 to 2 months after beginning treatment; however, in moderate to severe cases, it may take 3 months to see improvement.

3. Are Vitilax Capsules safe to take over a long-term?

Yes, because it is made with all natural ingredients there are no known side effects from long-term usage. You may also experience an improvement in energy level and sex drive.

4. Will Vitilax Capsules darken all of my skin?

No, only the white patches will be affected.
<3h>5. Is Vitilax Capsules FDA approved? The Food & Drug Administration does not have an approval process for nutritional supplements. Vitilax Capsules are manufactured in an FDA approved factory and meet the FDA's GRAS safety requirements.

6. Can I take Vitilax Capsules with other medication?

Yes, Vitilax Capsules are made with all natural ingredients and there are no known interactions with any other medications.

7. Can I take Vitilax Capsules when I become pregnant?

There are no known side effects to pregnancy; however, it is NOT RECOMMENDED that you take this product while you are pregnant.

8. Can Children use Vitilax Capsules?

Yes, it is very safe for children to use. Simply follow the recommended children´┐Żs dosage in the directions. Please contact us for directions before giving Vitilax Capsules to children under the age of 6.

9. Do I need to keep taking Vitilax Capsules when I see satisfactory improvement?

Yes, you can keep taking them until your skin tone is corrected.

10. What will it happen if I stop taking Vitilax Capsules?

Usually, you will remain at the stage at which you discontinued taking the Vitilax Capsules; however, it is possible to experience recurrence of the vitiligo.

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