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Skin Detox Formula
Last Updated: 08/06/2014

1. What are the differences between Skin Detox Formula and EcDermaid Capsule or Psoriaid Tablet?

Skin Detox Formula is designed to supply nutrients to the body to strengthen your skin immunity and support your skin health. EcDermaid Capsule and Psoriaid Tablet are designed to treat the skin diseases by curing the causes.

2. Do I need to take both of Skin Detox and Ecdermaid Capsule or Psoriaid Tablet together?

If you have a moderate or severe case of skin disease, taking both of them will help you achieve faster and better result.

3. If I have a mild case of skin condition, can I only take Skin Detox Formula?

Yes. It helps when you take it while using our topical treatment.

4. Can Skin Detox Formula help relieve the symptoms of psoriatic arthritits?

Yes, It can. If you have both psoriasis and psoriaitic arthritis, we suggest you to take both Psoriaid tablet and Skin Detox formula.

5. Is Skin Detox Formula safe to take over a long period of time?

Yes. Because of all natural ingredients, there are no known side effects for taking it long-term. If anything unusual occurs, stop taking the capsules and see your doctor immediately. Please notify us if such a situation occurs.

6. Can I take Skin Detox Formula with other medication?

Yes, you can. Because of all natural ingredients, Skin Detox Formula does not conflict with other medications. You can also use any other topical treatment with it.

7. Can children take Skin Detox Formula?

The dosage of Skin Detox is designed for adult. We don t recommend children to take it under 6 years old. If your children are between 6 to 12 years old and need this supplement, please consult with us the dosage before taking.

8. Can I take Skin Detox Formula when I am pregnant?

There are no known side effects shown to the pregnant woman. You may need to consult with your doctor before taking this supplement.

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